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Blogging is not my forte…



So I have come to the conclusion that I am a horrible blogger.  Yes that’s right a horrible blogger.  I have failed to blog when I said I would.

I did do some art over the holidays.


I read some of the books on my list yet not in their entirety.


I did, however, learn a lot about myself.  Including my return to writing poetry.



I became an assistant admin of The Pagan Spiral

I have had to drop subjects at university due to timetable clashes (and still may have to drop another subject yet).  That is the trouble with small universities, not all subjects are offered every year and the clashes of Level 1, 2 & 3 subjects with each other.  Because why would someone want to study a Level 1 & a Level 2 subject in the same semester…

Having to find a new rental due to the current one going up for sale.  Losing motivation for my weight-loss is making me feel guilty.  I need to readjust and re-motivate myself.

So I have been very busy and trying to maintain a normal life too, one in which I continue to spend time with family, continue to meet new friends and continue to study my path.

I discovered that the last 6 months of yearning for winter (which we don’t really get in the Tropics of Australia) was my inner self reaching out to connect with Skadi.  A revelation that I only just realised last night and it was like a big punch in the face.

Well I am not going to commit to blogging again so, but I will commit to blogging again.  I am hoping that during this semester at uni I will be inspired to share what I have learnt.

I will add some of my art, poetry and book reviews over the next week (or so) as I am about to take my family for a swim…


Still don’t have a catch phrase for you but will keep working on it.



  1. Jule says:

    Why do you say you re not a good blogger? Don t say this.
    A blog need time to grow. That s all 😉


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