Call off the Search Party

I am still alive… barely.  Life has been super crazy since my last blog post…

I have moved house and transferred (haven’t started yet) to an online university.13084337_10153606297386395_1306654133_n                     IMG_4874

I have started a herb garden in preparation to learning Herbology and I began co-admining (not a word I know) the local online pagan community group, plus a plethora (my new it word) of other life things that adults do.

IMG_4878             ps

I have added new books to my library, and cut all my hair off, in which I created my very first Celtic Samhain ritual.  That was a huge deal to me, my hair, in a plait, measured 36cm or nearly 14in.  It contained 4 years of my life that held a lot of good, bad, and tragic memories and I needed a fresh start for my journey.


And I began an even newer spiritual journey that is still connected to my rebirth journey. I am now a Traditional Witch in Training.  I will be keeping it Heathen based whilst still being true to the traditions I study.

Confused yet, yeah don’t worry so am I.  I am once again studying & reading up on Irish Paganism, this time giving my books a good and proper read.


I have participated in my first ever group house blessing and my first Celtic Mabon ritual.  I have also started enjoying the return of my natural gifts after such a long absence (do to emotional & mental abuse of an ex).

So I have had a lot of firsts happen for me too.  I have also tossed around the idea of making my YouTube presence a more physical and less lurking one.  If you really want to watch I am sure you will figure out how to find my channel 😉

Well for now I am off to my “first” Partylite party for the year…

I still have no idea what to use as a nifty catch phrase… hmmmmmm it will manifest (haha see what I did there) itself sooner or later.



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