What is your opinion anyway?

OK, so I have recently had another wonderfully heated discussion with a “I know it all and you know nothing” Heathen. Not recommended before your morning coffee, believe me.

See what I highlighted there? I highlighted my opinions.  Why did I do that?  Well it is because I want to talk about opinions.

What are opinions?  What are they made up of? Is it really your opinion or are you just a follower that will just copy everyone else’s opinion because it is popular?

opinionatedI have always been rather ‘opinionated‘ and have not always had an opinion that was liked for that matter.

I have my own little mantra that I live by:   Passionately opinionated & guaranteed to offend!

And I do… a lot… offend… from my opinion… Because it is just that, MY OPINION.

But what is an opinion?

I have always believed that your own personal opinion is like a soup, made up of many ingredients (aspects);

           clipart selflearn           clipart classroom

your learnt knowledge and your taught knowledge,

clipart beliefs

your learnt beliefs and your taught beliefs,

clipartevidence  clipartinfluence

outside evidence & influences,

clipartcontextasquare circle

the current context of the situation at hand,


history (making sure to critically read it due to the ‘opinions’ within)

clipart upg

& lastly UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis)

All of these little ingredients (attributes) make up the total of your soup (opinion) and this is why you are able to change your (soup) opinion when new information (ingredients) or a new situation comes about.

Do you have your own opinion on what an opinion is made up off?  Is my opinion of opinions not in line with the opinion of the majority?  I know, I know too many opinions spoil the broth… see what I did there? No. Bad humour?

Well I will leave you to savour the flavour of my soup and let me know if you enjoyed the flavour, thought something was missing or if you just don’t like the soup I am serving.

Until next time…


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