Alone – Donna Astill

I can feel myself falling

Sadness and darkness surround me

I reach out but there is nothing

Noone is reaching back

Silence and noise all at once

Like a dying tree surrounded by saplings

Ugly, unwanted, wasting valuable resources

Screaming with no voice

Thoughts flooding my head

Good, bad, nasty, positive

Soul destroying


Victim to societal norms

Cruel norms

Murderous norms

Swimming with the sharks



Soul destroying


Confused and unsure

No-one knows but me

No-one to share the pain

No-one, alone

Stand up


Build another wall

Make it higher and thicker than before

Learn to stand with no legs

Learn to write with no hands

Learn to sing with no voice

Learn to see with no eyes


Finding my way through the darkness

Soul strengthening

Not falling but gliding


Gaining strength

Still breathing

Still alone.


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