Other Philosophies

On whether or not learning other philosophies to better oneself reduces your path in Heathenry… Does it make you a Universalist?

Our ancestors were explorers & traders, they would have encountered many different cultures, philosophies, beliefs and religions.  Some of them would have learnt these ways to help with better trading.  Some may have learnt some of these ways out of curiosity and taught some of our own ways in exchange (in a type of spiritual trade) or for respect.

Odin was a wanderer who wandered the world seeking and learning all the ways.  Is Odin therefore a Universalist?  Are our ancestral explorers and traders then Universalists?

No, they are not!!!  They are still Heathen albeit just a little more wiser and have a better knowledge of life than those that choose not to acknowledge or learn about other philosophies.


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