Excuse the mess…

Ok my … umm … what do I call you all? Readers, Subscribers, Followers, Asylum buddies (no, you’re not insane but sometimes I think I am), Loyal servants, Pets (wow did I just say that),  Tubies (nope wrong platform)?  How about Partners?  Well you are, sort of, in a way.  Partners help each other out to keep the ‘company’ afloat and ,well, without you my blog would just be another ghost in the cemetery really.  Yes, I like that, Partners!

Ok Partners, I am in the mood for change, so over the next week I will be changing the look of my blog.  I will also try to add some more juicy stuff to read… even if it is just a crazy, insane rant.

So enjoy your weekend and remember to make your ancestors proud.


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