Do you read?

Well ahh da… You are reading this blog right now but that is not what I want to know.  I want to know WHO you read.  Do you choose your books by author or do you choose books by genre or by topic?

I have a few authors that I read for either their style or genre, and I have some favourites just because I like the actual ongoing story.  I must admit that the last few years I have stalled considerably in my fiction reading.  I mean I haven’t read a fiction novel in 3 years…

Thbook-32e first author I want to discuss is Giles Kristian and his Raven Series.  I have been stuck on Chapter Eleven of Odin’s Wolves for 3 years… Yes 3… Life, study, study and life.  But this morning I picked it up again and have finally finished Chapter Eleven.  Then I stopped to write a blog post about it…

I first came across Giles Kristian’s books at a book store that had Sons of Thunder on the clearance table and when I liked what I read on the back cover, and noticed it was Book Two of a series, I asked the store clerk if they had the first book.  When they said they didn’t I went home to my favourite online bookstore The Book Depository (this is not a sponsored post by the way) and searched for the author.  I am in love with Raven and have enjoyed going on his adventure.  Kristian has captured my heart with his Raven series.  You can find Giles Kristian on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (not that I stalk him… much).

eyeofthedragonThe second author, and the first to ever capture my heart within the fantasy genre was none other than our most famous horror fiction writer Stephen King.  I have read only a few (maybe two) of Stephen King’s horrors, Christine was the first horror I read and only because I wanted to know what his other books were like.I remember being on a family driving holiday, and on our way home from our trip we stopped in to a family friend’s farm-house.  They were away on holiday but it had been pre-arranged for us to stop there on our travels.  Their farm house was more of a cottage, at the base of the Snowy Mountains (in Australia) and had a little creek running a few hundred metres from the house.



Only thing missing was fuel for the generator so we had no electricity, although we had a fireplace, a wood stove (for hot water & cooking) and plenty of candles.  So I scoured the book-case and found a book that looked interesting from the title; The Eyes of the Dragon by Steven King.  At this stage I had absolutely no idea who King was, I was only 13 or 14 at the time.  This book was amazing to me back then and I have loved the Fantasy genre ever since.  The Talisman was another King (Stephen King & Peter Straub) novel that I absolutely enjoyed also.





The first ever complete series that I read that was The Myst Reader by Robin & Rand Miller.  This is a book that tells the story behind the P.C game Myst created by the Miller brothers.  I have mentioned in a previous post that I am a Myst fan, and I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy.  I remember about 16 years ago I actually had the first book in hardcover but I leant it to a friend and since lost it and that is when I came across the Myst reader, all three in one, and loved it so much I read it again.

Myst is not for everyone and the books certainly does not follow a strict timeline, jumping between present and past.




My heart has also been captured by the story of Taita in the Egyptian Series by Wilbur Smith.  I first came across this series through the third book (which I was unaware of) Warlock.  I had been given a box of books from my uncle & aunt that they no longer wanted and in there I found this big hardcover book and the purple sleeve is what caught my attention first.  I read the first page and was captivated immediately.  Only after finishing the book did I look and see that it was in fact the third in the series.  I have since gone on to read River God, The Seventh Scroll and half of The Quest.  I am keen to rekindle my relationship with Taita in the near future and I recommend you give the old Warlock a chance too.




The second series I actually completed took me 7 years to complete due to the publishing dates.  It started with a movie Eragon and then the book (I know back to front… I plan on reading the Game of Throne series after the show ends also).

The book captivated me, the movie not as much and after reading, I was extremely disappointed with how the portrayed the characters in the movie.  It is probably the only time I am looking forward to a remake.

Anyway, the first book Eragon was fantastic considering the author, Christopher Paolini, was 15 when he wrote it.  I was lucky that the next book was only, yes only another 12 months away from publication.  Eldest is the second in the Inheritance Series and is the smoothest transition.  The books are written as one long adventure, just separated at the right time as to not take away from the momentum of the story.  The following book in the Inheritance Series is Brisngr, which if you watched the movie you would know means ‘Fire’ (more information and artwork can be found out the Alagaesia website).


The final instalment was another 3 year wait and titled Inheritance.  It was a sad day when I closed the final book.  There is so much more that Paolini can add to the story.  There are rumours of a fifth book but until I see the beginnings of the manuscript I am not getting my hopes up. Paolini himself has said that he will one day write more but he can not say when this will be.

Well I think I need to get back to Raven and let you all do some book shopping so until next time my crazies I will leave you with some wise words from Raven…

‘Give them your spears!’ (Odin’s Wolves – Giles Kristian).



5 thoughts on “Do you read?

  1. Always loved sinking into a good book! Mainly fantasy and sci-fi for me, going for a combo of picking-by-genre and advice from near and dear. These past couple of years it’s been hard getting through entire novels though, strangely enough, because as soon as I sit down to read I find myself so inspired to write that it’s tempting to go and do that instead. x)

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  2. I’m currently at the tail end of Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon series. I didnt think I’d like it to be honest, when I read the first book, but I found myself continuing to read it and every time that i finish a book, I want the next. I dislike how incredibly long he makes his chapters but the tale draws you in.

    One of my favorite series ever is Sara Douglass’ Troy Game series. It’s probably the only series that I’ve ever re-read. Usually when I’m done with a book, I’m done. A series even moreso. But this one clings to me.

    I’m now interested in some of the ones you mentioned, I’ll have to remember them when I’m done with this series & am waiting for the next book. 🙂


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