Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse August 2016

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am a co-admin for my local Pagan community group and with that I have helped create some generalised information and ritual documents to help out those that may not be experienced or who may just need a little help with ideas on creating their own.

I have been given permission to share these mini essays.  I have found in helping create these little essays that I am also learning some valuable information that I would not normally have learnt had I not been give the role of co-admin.  For that I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to grow within myself and, like Odin, to gain knowledge from others.

“Letting it Go”

final-supermoon-of-celestial-tetrad-until-2018-on-sept-27-2015 copy

Full Moon

In times gone by our ancestors lived by the lunar calendar.  The differing phases of the moon were represented and celebrated in many ways. Whilst the new moon is introspective and for setting new goals and intentions, the full moon is bright, public and full of energy.  Emotions are new and unrefined and not yet rational.  The full moon is about getting ready to let go or removing the negative or the old.

The surge of emotional energy does not have to create an infantile reaction but can give us that energy needed to get us in to a healthy state of mind.  The full moon has us wanting validation and a penchant for expelling the unwanted energy out of our systems.

Even though the energy is raw and seems new, it is in fact the desire for change we have been biding our time for this entire lunar cycle and now is the time for action.  Beware that we may have a tendency to project our own state of restlessness or frustrations onto others.  We are highly emotional and need to avoid the blame game.

Whilst many pagans see the moon as feminine and in tune with menstrual cycles, others see the moon from a masculine aspect.  The Inuit God Alginak is God of both moon and weather controlling the tides, earthquakes and eclipses which is perfect for this current full moon.  Thoth, the Egyptian God was known for Magic and Wisdom, with the full moon being a good time for nourishing both.

As the moon enters this next stage it has grown from the maiden/warrior stage to mother/father and is lush, ripe and full of power.  We have now gained all we can from the moon for this cycle and it is time to prepare for the waning, the letting go and getting ready for the Crone/Sage phase.

The full moon is time to give thanks for the dreams and wishes manifested from the last cycle, to feast and bask in the radiant light and to meditate on the power within us all.  Energy is concentrated and contained so may be consciously drawn within or directed towards a specific goal such as healing or increasing self-confidence.

Full Moon in Aquarius

First some titbits about the Aquarius Full moon at 7:26pm AEST:

  • Element: Air fixed ruled by Saturn and Uranus (which is in retrograde)
  • Plant part: flower
  • Nutrient: fat
  • Temperament: Sanguine
  • Body part/Organ system: skin, venous system, shins, ankles
  • Metal: Lead, Uranium
  • Flavours: Brackish Quality
  • Polarity: Dry + (positive)
  • 11th house of affairs
  • Colours: indigo, pinks dark colours streaked and mixed.

Associated with individuality, reasoning, wisdom, inventions, and technological pursuits, social welfare, organisations, astrology, friendly help and good advice.

Health issues often relate to fluids of the body and craving salt to recharge electrolytes. Good sea salt and celery are effective along with juniper to assist in hormonal fluid balance.

  • Avoid operations and vaccinations
  • Excellent day to charge crystals
  • Wishes for the greater good and betterment of society and for your own dreams and creativity
  • Saturn has just gone direct after a long period of retrograde, as such, there is greater focus on perseverance to accomplishing your objectives.

This full moon will bring out your self-assured rebellious nature.  Those touched by this month’s full moon energy won’t care a damn about conforming to the norms of society.  It is a time for personal freedoms and revolutions, yet we will still be dealt some challenges.  You may provoke criticism and envy from those stuck in the conformity of today’s society.

August Lunar Eclipse

You may find yourself very touchy, highly strung and ‘electric’.  This lunar eclipse may give off a cool deceptive demeanour, however, this Aquarius full moon lunar eclipse, will find you like a light switch and your temperament will change with a flick.

August 18th is when the moon will be full and this particular one has been named the Sturgeon Moon.   Lunar eclipses always take place during full moons and when the sun, Earth, and moon are all aligned in a straight, even line. Since this eclipse is considered penumbral rather than total or partial, the moon is expected to enter Earth’s shadow only slightly, therefore it won’t be ultra-visible.

Some of us will crave extra love, support, and attention, especially the mothering type that is more nurturing and encouraging overall.  You may also find that you become over-protective and smothering with a temptation to push ideals onto those younger (both in age and knowledge) so be pre-warned.

Ordinarily a lunar eclipse’s effects last around 3 months but this eclipse will be only small as it is not a complete full moon when the eclipse hits.  This is just a small taste of what is to come next month with another full moon lunar eclipse on the full.  On a personal level this eclipse could bring about a crisis of faith, a sudden conversions or an abandonment of faith, especially if the astrological aspects fall into your personal chart

Full Moon Magic/k

The Full Moon’s powerful lunar energies are often seen as ‘all-purpose’ for magic/k.  Its energies are prismatic and flows into all aspects of our needs, both constructive and destructive.  It is now that you should utilise that extra power when you are faced with difficult changes.  No minor mundane tasks should be wasted on the full moon energy.  Use it instead as a major power boost for important matters.

Matters such as legal issues or finding a new job and magic & mediation that revolves around spiritual, divination, dreaming and psychic development are best using the power of the full moon.  The energy given off by the moon at this time is also good for cleansing, whether it be crystals, rocks, herbs, divination tools or anything else that you seek to cleanse or release from negativity.

Moon Water

Moon water created from leaving overnight a jar of water in the rays of the full moon can be used to strengthen spells and give energy boosts when used to water your garden.  Add a crystal of your choice to give your moon water extra properties.


Harvesting your garden during a full moon can also imbue added energy and magic into your harvest, although planting is not advised on the full moon.  The full moon is just as mysterious as it is bright and large.  It is a time to amplify your creativity.


For your altar you could represent the Full Moon with whites, silvers and blues.  Add these colours however you feel suits you best, whether it be a blue altar cloth with white and silver candles, the choice is yours.  Include your divine god/dess statue/s or your elemental representations, a picture of the full moon, a bowl of water and maybe some shells or riverstones.

Maybe some crescent moon cookies. And some white or 5-petal flowers and some sandalwood and frankincense incense. Your heart and your instincts will guide you to what to add.  Consumption of lemonade, milk or white wine while eating your crescent moon cookies.

Full Moon Incense

  • 2 parts sandalwood
  • 2 parts frankincense
  • ½ part rose petals
  • few drops of ambergris oil


Moon Bath

  1. Sit, stand, or lay out in the light of the full moon (clothing is optional)
  2. You can chant the words below as you feel the moonlight washing over you and through your body.

Hail fair moon,
Ruler of the night,
Guard me and mine,
Until the light.

  1. Remember the sun is in direct opposition to the moon at this time so sense this equality that you are standing between.
  2. Try to let go of what others perceive about the moon, let the moonrays was the preconceptions off your body and out of your mind, so you can hear what it has to say to you and what it has to show you.
  3. Listen to the moon, be full of expectancy without expectations.

Poems & Chants

Following are two poems you can recite whilst taking in the moonlight.  The first is for letting go and the second is one that I have adapted for Australia and would be a great one for the kids to say.

Letting Go – Rayne Storm

What do you wish and don’t holdout?
What do you want, without a doubt?
Make the pledge to work real hard.
Always smile without the slightest hint of disregard.
Believe in your goal, have patience, it will unfold.
Set your mind on what the future will hold.

And now for the hardest part, you must let it go,
Like the seed that in the wind does blow,
Let the seeds of magick grow,
Allowing the spiritual energy to do the rest,
Because that is what it does best.

Full Moon Magick – Rayne Storm

(adapted by Donna Astill for Australia)

As the Cockatoos screech with glee,
And the Bats gather in the tops of trees,

The Foxes have already begun their tricksting play,
Because the Possums thought there was a parade,

The Fireflies flickered and flashed in array,
Even the Wallabies couldn’t be kept away,

All the while the Dingoes sang a howling tune,
For the Pagans were dancing beneath the Full Moon.

We hope this helps give you some information to prepare your own Full Moon rituals.

Many Blessings and Much Prosperity for the full moon.
Created with Love by Admin 2016


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