Upcoming changes to this blog: what are your thoughts, fellow polytheists?

There will always be those that just have to throw a lit cracker into the haystack… I love having well discussed debates and try hard to ignore those that are only here to argue that ‘you are wrong and they are right’ ad hominem that is spewed over and over again. Although I do admit to having fed some of these arguers and usually getting wrathful expletives thrown my way.

Towards Polytheist Theoilogies

This blog has been dormant for a few months – with everything going on, I’ve been unable to properly attend to the topics I’ve wanted to talk about to my satisfaction. Part of this has been due to my exhaustion of behavior on the interwebs where attempts to talk about polytheist practice/belief/devotion/etc have become “flame wars” where the center of conversation quickly becomes fighting between dissenting parties.

Frankly, I’m sick of it. I want to see discussion again. I want to see discourse. I want to see the Faces of the Powers in everyone’s rich and unique practice, flavors of thought, in everyone’s way of being. I want there to be a polytheist space again where things can flower. I want to lessen reactive discussion, where a wonderful topic is drowned by a war in the comments section. I want for intra-community dialogue, sharing, constructive criticism to happen. I want to…

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming changes to this blog: what are your thoughts, fellow polytheists?

  1. People that live to argue drag everyone else down. Some people to the point that they give up and leave; usually missing out on a lot of great conversations & knowledge. Its very disheartening & easy to let it get to you. I try to consider these moments as a test of mental/emotional strength as I fight to keep my spirits up, my faith in humanity alive and my desire to have the wonderful conversations that I know are possible to have.

    A safe place like that is needed, I feel. There are some already out there on the interwebs but they tend to be small little corners of the web which are hard to find unless you already know where to look. paganspace.net used to be a place like that but I feel like it’s gotten too big for its britches, if that makes any sense.

    The difficulty with creating safe places for conversation is getting people to actually talk. Followers will read a lot of things but getting them to take part & engage in actual conversation often takes a LOT, if it can be managed at all :-/ I fear that some people don’t feel safe anywhere.

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