Heathen Vacations

So vacations are meant to be all about joy, relaxing, peace etc etc…. right?  Well what if part of it is to meet up for a reunion with ex-in-laws? (I am a strong believer that my kids deserve to be active on all sides of family even if that means I have to too.)

Well I had made some great plans for our vacation, events, catch-ups, meet-ups, just all round fun stuff for all of us… that was until I found out that no-one had bothered to confirm any dates with me.  I mean I am travelling about 2600kms (1700 miles) one way via car for this holiday and if I hadn’t mentioned we were coming there would not be a reunion.  So why not consult and confirm with the person who is travelling down if the dates you have arranged are suitable… Who is to say I hadn’t postponed the trip a week, then where would you be then?

Anyone, extremely disappointed that we are now not able to attend a few events and now having to extend the holiday by a week (GRRRRRR) I am at least able to attend a friends birthday. We will just have to play it by ear and see what happens, after all it really is about a holiday to relax… and check out locations for when we move in 2017.

So I have begun sorting through things I want to take for various reasons.  You see I am hoping to catch up with some of my fellow heathens along the way.

Melbourne Heathen Moot

One of the events I will be missing is the Melbourne Heathen Moot, that happens once a month, which was going to be the highlight of my trip.  You see I am pretty much alone up here in Far North Queensland, don’t get me wrong there is an awesome Pagan community here and if you are ever in Cairns I suggest getting in contact with them to find out when they have their next Meet & Greet.  But Heathen-wise… not many of us (that are out in the open anyway).



I digress as per usual.

I have planned out my trip down and part of my trip back, but it seems I now am stuck in one location for a full 2 week period instead of 1 week.  I have already reached out to a few Heathens that are happy to connect as well as to the local Pagan community in that area and have arranged a Meet & Greet which I am looking forward too.  It will also allow me to catch up with friends that I have not seen in 4 years since I left.

My biggest dilemma has been books, what books to take, what books do I need?  There will be well-versed Heathens that will be able to offer me more than I them, yet there will also be others that wish to know some information that I can share.  Plus I need to consider my own journey and relaxing time too.

So I have devised a stack (yes, stack) that I think will be best suited to all round conversation.

I posted this on Instagram too 🙂

What do you think?  I also have a journal/notebook there that does have some of my own brain-matter in there.  Have I left out anything?  Should I leave out anything?  Do you want the reasons I chose those certain books?  Of course you do…

So let’s start from the bottom shall we… Mind you they are stacked in order of size (OCD included free of charge).

*N.B I do not get paid by any companies or authors I personally link to or review, but I am always open to the offer 😉

Dictionary of Northern Mythology – Rudolf Simek: I think this is an essential book to have on your shelf as it is a great ‘Dictionary’ for the exact purpose of any other dictionary.  If I am not sure of something or not sure if I am in the right area I grab this book for quick reference.  Definitely a travel companion.

A Practical Heathen’s Guide to Asatru – Patricia Lafayllve : Another essential must-have book for your shelf.  I live in this book and it is super affordable.  Patricia gets to the point and gives you the information you need as well as a plethora of references to further your own research.  Definitely a travel companion.

Down Among The Dead Men – Michelle Williams: This is for me, my relaxing read.  Michelle tells of her life in the Mortuary business and I am excited to read it.  I have always thought a Mortuary Technician would be a great job to have.  At least the dead have respect for the living (most of the time). Not up for debate.

Elen of the Ways & Tress of the Goddess – Elen Sentier: These two are for my own journey that I am on and studying.  I have recently been drawn to Elen of the Ways and only recently found out why.  I explain it here in a recent post and so am reading as much as I can on the Deer Trod path.  I do have Irish & Scottish ancestry so I intend to learn about it.  I bought Tress of the Goddess because I really enjoy Sentier’s writing style.  Not up for debate.

Asatru for Beginners – Erin Lale: Although this is a thin book (and currently over-priced in my opinion), it is still a great beginners book.  Many have negative comments to say about this book, but I feel this is coming from an academic view.  Lale writes in a very simplistic format that is easy to understand and I stand by my opinion of this being the essential starter for teens, it has some good starting off points and references.

Essential Asatru – Diana Paxon: This is another great beginner book for those just starting out and it was my first.  This is a great book for adults just beginning on their journey and is a great before jumping into Lafayllve’s Practical Guide.  It has a great structure and is easy to follow.  I would not be hungry for more information if I had not came across this book as it really gets you wanting to know more.

The Poetic Edda – Snorri Sturluson: My favourite translation is by Carolyne Larrington or Jackson Crawford but there are many different translations available to either buy or free online.  This is of course a staple in many Heathens library, I myself have about 6-7 translation either in paperback, kindle or pdf.  I always suggest that you should have at least 3 translations to get a good over-all understanding of the context of the poems within.  This is NOT, I repeat, this is NOT a bible or holy text that should be followed to the letter.  It is a collection of poems written by a Christian 200 years after the conversion of Iceland to Christianity.  Yes Snorri wanted to ensure the history remained intact but it is still written with his own bias.  As with anything written in historical or anthropological context, the authors own bias must be defined and then their work must be critically read.  Shoot me down… Haters will hate but my opinion is just that… MINE.  I do have Crawford’s Edda on Kindle (I want to get a paperback copy eventually) so Larrington’s is just for ease and not a necessity.

What is History? – E.H Carr: I am currently studying history and this is a required text.  Although my unit doesn’t start until February, I need to get a head start as I will be relocation just before the trimester starts.  Not up for debate.

Women Who Run With The Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD:  A staple in any woman’s library and not a cover-to-cover read but a turn to and digest style book.  I still have read little but you only have to read or listen to other people’s reviews of this book to know that you must buy it.  I wish I had a Kindle version as it is a thick book.  Not a necessity but a want.


Aleister Crowley’s Mirror of the Soul Tarot Deck, Stacey DeMarco’s Goddesses & Sirens and Gods & Titans Oracle Decks



I have decided not to take my laptop as I want to reduce the time spent on technology and have tossed up the idea of using periscope to upload some videos of our journey to the deep south (of Australia) haha.  I am still undecided on whether I am taking 2 or 3 tarot/oracle decks with me… that will be a personal decision.  I am still learning Tarot and Oracle so I need to bring at least 1 with me. My daughter also has her tarot that she is learning and her camera & tripod to pack.

I do have more books that I would love to take but I only have a little car, 2 kids, a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, an esky and, well we need clothes that must go in a suitcase…



So my crazies I will leave it there… I will let you offer sound advice as to which books to leave or to add to the stack.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of the day… Oh and yes I know the blog as changed designs… I am still not happy with it so there will be a few more changes to the style but I will find the perfect fit eventually.


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