The Many Realities of One Little Mouse (Humor)

This is pretty funny if you read it from the perspective of someone with a sense of humour 😆

whiskey and incense

Warning: Contains potentially offensive generalizations and strong language. It should go without saying that this is NOT meant to be taken seriously.

Reality: I walked into the kitchen at night and a small black blur ran past my foot and went under the oven. I got a mousetrap from my landlord.

Reality TV: I strolled into the kitchen at nightfall, only to recoil in terror as a fearsome beast of unknown origin leapt from the cabinets in a flash of teeth and fur before disappearing under the oven. I called my landlord, who arrived wearing only a Speedo and a smile.

Pagan Blog Reality: I was walking to the kitchen after moonrise, already deeply immersed in my evening contemplation of the Lady’s lunar energies, when a messenger of the Great Goddess appeared as a Sign before running under the oven. I left an offering of peanut…

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