Road Trip 2016 – Day 1

Hello my Crazies, I have missed you all… I know I promised this earlier but so much has happened since I have been away and since getting back… the latter I will discuss in a new post.

So a vacation was desperately needed by all and a vacation was had.

Neon Magnesium Photography ©

We had a fabulous time away, we listened to some great podcasts, took some amazing photos of some of the amazing scenery we saw, spent way too much money, took some periscope videos, we loved, lost, learnt life lessons & grew all in the space of 4 weeks.


I want to give a huge shout out to my daughter for all the amazing photography she did for herself and for me.  The majority of photos displayed throughout the ‘Road Trip 2016’ blog series were photographed by her.  You can find more of her awesome photography on Instagram, just search for @neonmagnesiumphotography.


Plus an esky and pillows were added.

Day 0 


This was spent fuelling up, checking over the car etc, making sure we had drinks & nibbles and then packing my little Ford Fiesta Ambient to the hilt.  Making sure that there was enough room for one of my babes to still have room to relax in the backseat.  (The twins took turns of who sat in the front day 1 & who sat in the front day 2, it was all very amicable really).

It was an early night as we were planning for a 4am start so that we good beat most of the heat from the Queensland weather.

Day 1: Cairns – Injune (QLD)

Day 1: Cairns – Cardwell – Belyando Crossing – Rolleston – Injune

Awake by 3am and a cuppa made, twins up at 3:30am and toilet stops done. Hugs to my eldest who was staying behind (she had been on 2 big holidays the year before and agreed that it was my turn, after 4 years, to have a holiday), and we loaded ourselves into the car.  I had so many plans for this holiday, things that I wanted to accomplish and people I wanted to see/meet, but most of it failed to eventuate due to unforeseen circumstances.  Nonetheless we were off on what was a horribly rainy morning.


Myths and Legends

It was slow, dark and wet.  Our first stop was Cardwell service station for toilet stop and a mini breakfast stop.  We had been listening to the Myths & Legends podcast (which you can find on iTunes and Podbean) and the kids loved the stories.  It was a great way to keep them entertained and a great way to educate them on real fairy tales and the history behind some of them, including the creature of the week.


The morning began to clear once we left Townsville and headed to Charters Towers.  The road from Charters Towers to Clermont is a 376km fairly straight red bitumen road with a lot of crests.  I did manage to pull over just at the start of the highway so my daughter could take some photos and so I could do my first ever Periscope.

Gregory Highway looking south.
A driveway to one of the many stations along the Gregory Hwy
A low shot of the bitumen.
Definitely no more rain for the day

We drove on to Belyando Crossing which is roughly the middle point of this long stretch of highway.  It is nothing more than a service station and cafe really but has always had friendly staff from as long back as I can remember.  My first ever stop here was in September 1997 when I first relocated to Cairns and my car at the time only had enough fuel to travel 300km at a stretch so was a definite stop.  The kids and I decided we needed to stretch our legs and it was close enough to lunch time so we also grabbed a bite to eat.


We took in the surroundings, which really was not much to be honest, ate our lunch, said goodbye to the gorgeous local labrador and the many crows that were out and about and got back on our way.



Unfortunately there is not reception out along most of the Gregory Hwy so I was unable to upload anything or record another Periscope so it was then that I decided today was about photos and enjoying the Australian landscape.  We really do live in such an amazingly beautiful and diverse country.

We continued on our way and decided to head to Roma… Well that was the plan right?  The universe had other ideas.  We had a lovely drive during the day, stopping at Emerald for fuel and continuing on.  We took a wrong turn near Rolleston but quickly turned around and only lost 10 minutes out of our time.

But… We hit Rolleston just before dusk and there was no traffic on the roads… not even a truck… This concerned me a little as we were heading into Kangaroo country (the whole country is Kangaroo Country but dawn & dusk are the worst times to be driving with the buggars).  Without a truck in front we were at risk of hitting a roo and damaging not only it but my little car too.  We decided to take it easy.  Matters were made worse by the local cattle on the side of the unfenced roads that were grazing along the sides.

We had driven maybe 120km when what do you know… A roo… I saw it in time to stop… it stopped… I waited… it waited… I decided to drive… it decided to jump and… bumpidy bump bump… We had gone over the top of it… I looked in my rearview mirror and there was no roo so I am sure I only just stunned it… I was only going about 10km/hr.

I had been given a warning back in July by Alison Burman, Psychic Medium, (you read about that here) that she could see a car accident and a kangaroo in my path… Well I was hoping that was it.  Anyways, we drove slowly up the road a little further and found a parking bay.  We pulled over and I assessed any damage… Nope, nothing, phew (I post more on this in another Periscope but I will tell you about that on Day 2).  There was a truck driver checking his rig and he came over to ask if we needed help.  I explained the situation and he said that it was a quiet night on the roads and that Roma was going to be pushing it with all the wildlife on the roads.

Best Western Injune QLD

I said thanks and decided that we would get to Injune, it was only another 50+km up the road.  So we headed off slowly… very slowly off to Injune.  We got to Injune about 7ish that night.  We stopped into the first motel we saw and hoped they had a room.  They did and even upgraded us to a Family for no extra cost.  I ordered some dinner (which they also doubled for no extra cost)… Very grateful, fed, showered and tired, my son in bed alseep, my daughter and I watched the final episode of Winners & Losers then off to bed we went too.


Okay my Crazies, that was Day 1 of our trip… I will post Day 2 tomorrow…




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