Asatru is Goddess Worship

Bryan Wilton

Let’s ruffle some feathers today. I’m going to throw some pearls out amongst the swine ( the readers of my books will understand this)  and see what we get.  When you get right down to it. Asatru is goddess worship. As I write this I can hear the flustered gasps of exasperation from the strong heathen man. To bad. It’s time to take this thing into a better place than it currently is.

If you look at every story in the lore you will see powerful Gods putting forth magnificent efforts to do something to protect or rescue the life-giving, loving and powerful forces we see in each of the divine feminine we know as the Asnyjur. We also see the uninspired human intellect putting them at risk again and again. It is no accident that the girlfriend of Loki is tied to his side in a servant position while…

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