Coming is the Summer

Coming is the Summer,

Filling me with its warmth,

Filling my aching body,

With everything it has.

I am the virgin of the Spring,

The newly formed buds,

Ready for your hands,

To pluck all that is new.

The coldness of the agate stone,

Resting on my chest,

To calm the fire within my flower,

A yearning that just wont rest.

The need is so strong,

I feel as if I will burst,

The pulsating vibrations,

I feel it through the earth,

Enveloping me deep inside,

The pulsating has begun closing in,

No holding back anymore,

Let it out, let it happen, it is done.


Primal, Tribal

When it’s too hot to do anything but fuel up.The current Spring season has been whirling me around.

I am so dizzy, but a good dizzy,

An Alice in Wonderland dizzy,

A dancing around the May pole dizzy.

For it is Walpurgisnacht coming up in the southern hemisphere.

I can feel Frey all around me.

I feel a fire inside of me,

I can feel my primal urges,

I feel tribal,

I feel my ancient ancestors.

I feel the urge to dance around a fire,

To bang my fists on the ground,

To stamp my feet around so loud,

Until the Gods feel every vibration I am sending out.

A need to journey to places in my mind,

So far inside myself,

Places that I have never been before,

Places that only the primal, the tribal within can get to.

Pedestals – Donna Astill

Judge me all you want, even behind closed doors and behind my back. I know you do.

But until you have walked in my shoes and lived in my world you have no idea what you are even talking about.Just continue to live your sheltered, boring life, sitting there with your gavel. One day the legs of that pedestal are going to break.

You think I made bad choices in my life. Well actually, the choices were already made for me, I just chose the best outcomes and I am proud that I made the right ones… Most of the time anyway.

I have lived life, I have fallen and scrapped my knees but I got back. I have watched death take lives and yet I am still here.

You have taken the straightest path while I was left with the most crooked. You may have seen countries but I have seen the earth herself.

You may take solace in thinking that you have won the battle. But you have not learnt what it is you need to win the war.

I am Iron Born – Donna Astill

I am Iron Born,

whilst my brothers are born of gold,

They are truly beautiful and shine as bright as the sun.

Their gifts give so much more than I could ever give.

For I was born broken, short and dull,

I am loved with heart & soul by one and treasured by a world.


I show fealty, loyalty and am always true to mark,

Yet stories I could tell and adventures I have had,

With my sisters, we make three and together will always be,

Iron Born and Leather Clad we have saved a head or two,

We have taken just as many as an old warrior too.


My sisters thrive without my hand,

Yet I am uncontrollable without them by my side,

A tale of theft, disloyalty and sadness is yet to come,

He took me form my kin and used me in a bribe,

My sisters were without me, my head a useless mess.


Until he came in guise of her,

No beauty had I beheld before,

My sisters they did weep,

A dress so shimmering, the stars I know it held,

A veil spun of silken thread did glisten like the dew.


The time has come you dirty beast to send me to my love,

Now place me in her loving brace and see what’s to become,

Down to your knees your walls will make you be,

And never again strip me from this man that possesses me,

For my brothers may be born of gold,



Lightening lives inside of me,

As I am the Iron Born.

Walk a mile in my shoes

Walk a mile in my shoes
Go on have a go, try walking a mile in my shoes. How about just to the mailbox and back? You wouldn’t be able to, wouldn’t want too, can’t. Only a survivor knows what it is like to walk in my shoes. Yes, each survivor has their own story, their own path they had to travel to become a survivor, but only they know the journey.
My typical day’s journey is as follows;

I struggle to open my eyes but I know I have too.

In through the nose and out through the mouth and repeat. Open them damn you, don’t quit now!

I open my eyes. I am alive another day. It wasn’t a bad dream. Now sit up and hang your legs over the side of the bed. Go on, you’re not a cripple so don’t act like you can’t!

Now stand up and put the kettle on. See that wasn’t so hard was it?
Don’t worry about that sound, it’s nothing. Just your mind making you think you are going mad.
Have a shower… No you won’t drown, you won’t take a mouthful of water and drown.
Go on open the front door. Just do it, don’t wuss out now. Don’t be weak, prove you are worth it.
Now remember it really doesn’t look as bad as you think it does.
It is not a dark, foggy, foreboding forest littered with dark eyes and shadows waiting to pull you into the depths of no return at the slightest blink or hesitation.
It is all just an illusion. What you think is before you, is actually behind you. It is what you have just spent the last 3 decades traveling through.
If you turn around and look you will see that you have left the dark forest behind you, those eyes are only memories staring back at you. Those shadows are just feelings you had then. That fog is just the smell of the past.
Now turn back around and look at that front door again.
See it’s life, just the way you left it yesterday. But today you are going to make it a little bit better. Just like you do everyday. Everyday life gets better and better. And just like yesterday that dark, foreboding forest is behind you and will never again block your way.
Even if it does, you now have a chainsaw to cut down those trees. You have a spotlight to rid those shadows of their hiding places. And those eyes… well they are only just the reflection of the light on the dew drops of your thoughts.
So I dare you to walk a mile in my shoes and you may just make it through the forest… 

You might just make it if you packed your supplies…
If you didn’t then I am sure you will see the graveyard to the left of all the souls that just couldn’t push themselves that little bit further. That couldn’t see the light peering through the edge. That tried so hard but had no hand to drag them through the swamp. That let themselves sink into the bottomless quicksand just before the exit.
Now would you like to wear my steel-capped, unbreakable, death-proof, oxygen fuelled, I can do anything boots with my ultimate survival pack or would you prefer my pretty little pink peep-toe pumps & the matching clutch?
Cause I made it through in my pretty pink heels & my empty clutch!