Explain your intentions…

Well it turns out you do need to explain yourself to the universe... My 2017 words of intention were Disconnect & Expand. Simple enough right? Wrong! I meant Disconnect from social media not people & I meant Expand my knowledge not my body! You really do need to explain things so the universe doesn’t twist... Continue Reading →


Find your tribe not your twin!

Your tribe is not a group of people just like you, it is a group of people that compliment each other, a group of people whose strengths & weaknesses differ so much from each other, that together, you become one. Find your tribe not your twin. SouthernCrossHeathen

Heathen Vacations

So vacations are meant to be all about joy, relaxing, peace etc etc.... right?  Well what if part of it is to meet up for a reunion with ex-in-laws? (I am a strong believer that my kids deserve to be active on all sides of family even if that means I have to too.) Well... Continue Reading →

Riding the Stag

Riding the Stag - I just have no words that can truly express what it was like. I met some other animals on my journey but none that spoke to me in such a way that made my head spin (in a good way) and my heart pound like my life was just starting.

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