Explain your intentions…

Well it turns out you do need to explain yourself to the universe…

My 2017 words of intention were Disconnect & Expand. Simple enough right? Wrong!

I meant Disconnect from social media not people & I meant Expand my knowledge not my body!

You really do need to explain things so the universe doesn’t twist your words.

This time I wrote a list explaining what my intentions were, in detail.

Please remember there is a difference between resolutions & intentions. Resolutions have an end, Intentions leave room for you to outshine your goals.

I know 2018 will be another rollercoaster year for most but this time you will have more control.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR my Crazies form your one & only, Southern Cross Heathen xxx


Find your tribe not your twin!

Your tribe is not a group of people just like you, it is a group of people that compliment each other, a group of people whose strengths & weaknesses differ so much from each other, that together, you become one.

Find your tribe not your twin.



Blogging is not my forte…

So I have come to the conclusion that I am a horrible blogger.  Yes that’s right a horrible blogger.  I have failed to blog when I said I would.

I did do some art over the holidays.


I read some of the books on my list yet not in their entirety.


I did, however, learn a lot about myself.  Including my return to writing poetry.



I became an assistant admin of The Pagan Spiral

I have had to drop subjects at university due to timetable clashes (and still may have to drop another subject yet).  That is the trouble with small universities, not all subjects are offered every year and the clashes of Level 1, 2 & 3 subjects with each other.  Because why would someone want to study a Level 1 & a Level 2 subject in the same semester…

Having to find a new rental due to the current one going up for sale.  Losing motivation for my weight-loss is making me feel guilty.  I need to readjust and re-motivate myself.

So I have been very busy and trying to maintain a normal life too, one in which I continue to spend time with family, continue to meet new friends and continue to study my path.

I discovered that the last 6 months of yearning for winter (which we don’t really get in the Tropics of Australia) was my inner self reaching out to connect with Skadi.  A revelation that I only just realised last night and it was like a big punch in the face.

Well I am not going to commit to blogging again so, but I will commit to blogging again.  I am hoping that during this semester at uni I will be inspired to share what I have learnt.

I will add some of my art, poetry and book reviews over the next week (or so) as I am about to take my family for a swim…


Still don’t have a catch phrase for you but will keep working on it.

I am a Myst fan…

Yes I am a Myst fan.  Rand & Robyn Miller are geniuses as far as I am concerned.

I have played most of the Myst games;

I have read The Myst Reader twice, and I am still awaiting the movie that just doesn’t seem to be materialising.

I know this is just some random fact about me but I find it hard to actually meet other real life people that have even heard of this game.

Myst was the highest grossing game until The Sims came along, both of which out shone Doom <— I know right.  I am showing my age now.

Anyway, a few years ago I was jus playing around on the computer, creating some awesome digital artwork and I created a piece that is still a favourite of mine.


I was pregnant with my first child in 1998 and suffered sever insomnia.  A friend told me about a game that would keep my mind sane (haha yeah right) throughout the sleepless nights.  I played it and was hooked.  I still occasionally go back and play them.  Even my kids have had a dabble through the Ages.

Please enjoy and if you are a Myst fan like me leave me a comment on your first experience.




It’s nearly time…

So it is nearly time to begin my journey.  I have 2 exams left for the semester and then I am free to begin my spiritual study.  I have decided to give myself some weekly goals, because, not only do I want to study, grow and learn, but I also want to get back into my drawing also.

So my weekly goals are;

  1. To read 1 book a week.
  2. Create 1 detailed drawing a week (Maybe begin a painting).
  3. To study 2 runes a week.
  4. Keep a journal offline.
  5. To write a review blog each week on what I have read, drawn & learnt.

I don’t think it is too much, except where to start with which books to read.  I am going to focus on Northern Germanic/ Scandinavian, Celtic and some other European lore that may be relevant.  I have ancestors that followed the Celtic paths so feel it is necessary to include that in my studies as well as my chosen Heathen path.

If you have any books that you think would be good for studying Celtic and/or Northern Germanic/ Scandinavian lore please suggest them.

This is a journey of getting to know myself just as much as it is getting to know the history, myths and lore of my ancestors.

[Insert witty catch phrase here]