Rígsmál – The Lay of Rig

“Rig in Great-grandfather’s Cottage” (1908) by W.G. Collingwood [1]

People say in the old stories that one of the Æsir, who was called Heimdall, went on a journey, and as he went along the sea-shore somewhere he came to a household and he called himself Rig*.  This poem is about that story.

The Birth of Thrall

  1. Once walked, ’tis said, the green ways along,
    mighty and ancient, a god most glorious;
    strong and vigorous, striding, Rig.
  2. Ever on he went in the middle of the way,
    till he came to a house with door unclosed.
    He entered straight; there was fire on the floor
    and a hoary couple sitting by the hearth,
    Great-grandfather and mother in ancient guise.
  3. Well knew Rig how to give them counsel,
    he sat him down in the middle of the floor,
    with the home-folk twain upon either side.
  4. Great-grandmother fetched a coarse-baked loaf,
    all heavy and thick and crammed with husk:
    she bore it forth in the middle of the dish,
    with broth in a bowl, and laid the board.
  5. Thence Rig uprose, prepared to rest; —
    well he knew how to give them counsel —
    he laid him down in the middle of the bed
    and the home-folk twain upon either side.
    Thus he tarried three nights together,
    then on he strode in the middle of the road
    while thrice three moons were gliding by.
  6. Great-grandmother bore a swarthy boy;
    with water they sprinkled him, called him Thrall.
    Forthwith he grew and well he throve,
    bur tough were his hands with wrinkled skin,
    with knuckles knotty and fingers thick;
    his face was ugly, his back was humpy,
    his heels were long.
    Straightway ‘gan he to prove his strength,
    with bast a-binding loads a-making,
    he bore home faggots the livelong day.
  7. There came to the dwellings a wandering maid,
    with wayworn feet, and sunburned arms,
    with down-bent nose,- the Bond-maid named.
  8. She sat her down in the middle of the floor;
    beside her sat the son of the house:
    they chatted and whispered, their bed preparing —
    Thrall and Bond-maid — the long day through.
  9. Joyous lived they and reared their children.
    Thus they called them: Brawler, Cowherd,
    Boor and Horsefly, Lewd and Lustful,
    Stout and Stumpy, Sluggard, Swarthy,
    Lout and Leggy. They fashioned fences,
    they dunged the meadows, swine they herded,
    goats they tended and turf they dug.
  10. Daughters were there, — Loggy and Cloggy,
    Lumpy-leggy, and Eagle-nose,
    Whiner, Bondwoman, Oaken-peggy,
    Tatter-coat and the Crane-shanked maid.
    Thence are come the generations of thralls.

The Birth of Churl

  1. Ever on went Rig the straight roads along
    till he came to a dwelling with door unclosed;
    he entered straight; there was fire in the floor;
    Grandfather and Grandmother owned the house.
  2. The home-folk sat there hard a-working;
    by them stood on the floor a box;
    hewed the husband wood for a warp-beam;
    trim his beard and the locks o’er his brow,
    but mean and scanty the shirt he wore.
  3. The wife sat by him plying her distaff,
    swaying her arms to weave the cloth,
    with snood on her head and smock on her breast,
    studs on her shoulders, and scarf on her neck.
  4. Well knew Rig how to give them counsel;
    he sat him down in the middle of the floor,
    and the home-folk twain upon either side.
  5. Grandmother set forth plenteous dishes;
    cooked was the calf, of dainties best.
    Thence Rig uprose prepared to rest. —
    Well he knew how to give them counsel —
    he laid him down in the middle of the bed
    and the home-folk twain upon either side.
  6. Thus he tarried three nights together,
    then on he strode in the middle of the road
    while thrice three moons were gliding by.
  7. A child had Grandmother, Churl they called him,
    and sprinkled with water and swathed in linen,
    rosy and ruddy, with sparkling eyes.
    He grew and throve, and forthwith ‘gan he
    to break in oxen, to shape the harrow,
    to build him houses and barns to raise him,
    to fashion carts and follow the plough.
  8. Then home they drove with a key-hung maiden
    in goat-skin kirtle, named Daughter-in-Law.
    They wed her to Churl in her bridal linen:
    the twain jade ready, their wealth a-sharing,
    kept house together, and joyous lived.
  9. Children reared they thus they called them:
    Youth and Hero, Thane, Smith, Yeoman,
    Broad-limb, Peasant, Sheaf-beard, Neighbour,
    Farmer, Speaker and Stubbly-beard.
  10. By other names were the daughters called:
    Dame, Bride, Lady, Gay, and Gaudy,
    Maid, Wife, Woman, Bashful, Slender.
    Thence are come the kindreds of churls.

The Birth of Earl

  1. Still on went Rig the straight roads along
    till he came to a hall whose gates looked south.
    Pushed was the door to, a ring in the post set:
    he forthwith entered the rush-strewn room.
    Each other eyeing, the home-folk sat there —
    Father and Mother, — twirling their fingers.
    There was the husband, string a-twining,
    shafting arrows and shaping bows:
    and there was the wife o’er her fair arms wondering,
    smoothing her linen, stretching her sleeves.
    A high-peaked coif and a breast-brooch wore she,
    trailing robes and a blue-tinged sark.
    Her brow was brighter, her breast was fairer,
    her throat was whiter than driven snow.
  2. Well knew Rig how to give them counsel;
    he sat him down in the middle of the floor,
    and the home-folk twain upon either side.
  3. Then took Mother a figured cloth,
    white, of linen, and covered the board;
    thereafter took she a fine-baked loaf,
    white of wheat and covered the cloth:
    next she brought forth plenteous dishes,
    set with silver, and spread the board
    with brown-fried bacon and roasted birds.
    There was wine in a vessel and rich-wrought goblets;
    they drank and revelled while day went by.
  4. Well knew Rig how to give them counsel;
    he rose ere long and prepared his couch:
    he laid him down in the middle of the bed,
    and the home-folk twain upon either side.
  5. Thus he tarried three nights together;
    then on he strode in the middle of the road
    while thrice three moons were gliding by.
  6. Then a boy had Mother; she swathed him in silk,
    and with water sprinkled him; called him Earl.
    Light were his locks, and fair his cheeks,
    flashing his eyes like a serpent’s shone.
  7. Grew Earl forthwith in the halls and ‘gan
    to swing the shield, to fit the string,
    to bend the bow, to shaft the arrow,
    to hurl the dart, to shake the spear,
    to ride the horse, to loose the hounds,
    to draw the sword, and to swim the stream.
  8. Forth from the thicket came Rig a-striding,
    Rig a-striding, and taught him runes,
    his own name gave him, — as son he claimed him,
    and bade him hold the ancestral fields, —
    the ancestral fields — and the ancient home.
  9. Then on rode Earl through the murky wood,
    through the rimy fells till he reached a hall.
    His shaft he shook, his shield he brandished,
    his steed he galloped, his sword he drew;
    war he wakened, the field he reddened,
    the doomed he slew, and won him lands —
    till alone he ruled over eighteen halls.
    Gold he scattered and gave to all men
    treasures and trinkets and slender-ribbed horses;
    wealth he strewed and sundered rings.
  10. Along dewy roads his messengers drive
    till the hall they reached where Ruler dwelt.
    A daughter owned he, dainty fingered,
    fair and skilful, Erna called.
  11. They wooed her and brought her home a-driving;
    to Earl they wed her in veil fine-woven:
    husband and wife lived happy together,
    their children waxed and life enjoyed.

The Birth of King

  1. Heir was the eldest, Bairn the second,
    Babe, Successor, Inheritor, Boy,
    Descendent, Offspring, Son, Youth, Kinsman;
    Kon the kingly was youngest born.
  2. Forthwith grew up the sons of Earl;
    games they learned, and sports and swimming,
    taming horses, round shields bending,
    war shafts smoothing, ash spears shaking;
    but King the youngest alone knew runes,
    runes eternal and runes of life.
    Yet more he knew, — how to shelter men,
    to blunt the sword-edge and calm the sea:
    he learnt bird language, to quench the fire flame,
    heal all sorrows and soothe the heart;
    strength and might of eight he owned.
  3. Then he strove in runes with Rig, the Earl,
    crafty wiles he used and won,
    so gained his heritage, held the right thus
    Rig to be called and runes to know.
  4. Young King rode once through thicket and wood,
    shooting arrows and slaying birds,
    till spake a crow, perched lone on a bough:
    “Why wilt thou thus kill birds, young King?
    ‘Twould fit thee rather to ride on horses,
    to draw the sword and to slay the foe.
  5. “Dan and Damp have dwellings goodlier,
    homesteads fairer than ye do hold;
    and well they know the keel to ride,
    the sword to prove and wounds to strike.”[2]

*Rig: the name is derived from the Irish (ríg in other cases) meaning ‘king’.  The identification of Heimdall with Rig is not absolutely secure, since it is based only on the prose introduction, but the beginning of Völuspá (the Seeress’s Prophecy), asking for attention from all ‘the offspring of Heimdall’, seems to suggest that the god did have some connection with the creation of mankind.[3]


  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%ADgs%C3%BEula#/media/File:Rig_in_Great-grandfather%27s_Cottage.jpg
  2. Bray, O. (1908). The Elder or Poetic Edda. Part I {The Mythological Poems, volume II.
  3. Larrington, C. (1996). trans. The Poetic Edda.



Heathen Vacations

So vacations are meant to be all about joy, relaxing, peace etc etc…. right?  Well what if part of it is to meet up for a reunion with ex-in-laws? (I am a strong believer that my kids deserve to be active on all sides of family even if that means I have to too.)

Well I had made some great plans for our vacation, events, catch-ups, meet-ups, just all round fun stuff for all of us… that was until I found out that no-one had bothered to confirm any dates with me.  I mean I am travelling about 2600kms (1700 miles) one way via car for this holiday and if I hadn’t mentioned we were coming there would not be a reunion.  So why not consult and confirm with the person who is travelling down if the dates you have arranged are suitable… Who is to say I hadn’t postponed the trip a week, then where would you be then?

Anyone, extremely disappointed that we are now not able to attend a few events and now having to extend the holiday by a week (GRRRRRR) I am at least able to attend a friends birthday. We will just have to play it by ear and see what happens, after all it really is about a holiday to relax… and check out locations for when we move in 2017.

So I have begun sorting through things I want to take for various reasons.  You see I am hoping to catch up with some of my fellow heathens along the way.

Melbourne Heathen Moot

One of the events I will be missing is the Melbourne Heathen Moot, that happens once a month, which was going to be the highlight of my trip.  You see I am pretty much alone up here in Far North Queensland, don’t get me wrong there is an awesome Pagan community here and if you are ever in Cairns I suggest getting in contact with them to find out when they have their next Meet & Greet.  But Heathen-wise… not many of us (that are out in the open anyway).



I digress as per usual.

I have planned out my trip down and part of my trip back, but it seems I now am stuck in one location for a full 2 week period instead of 1 week.  I have already reached out to a few Heathens that are happy to connect as well as to the local Pagan community in that area and have arranged a Meet & Greet which I am looking forward too.  It will also allow me to catch up with friends that I have not seen in 4 years since I left.

My biggest dilemma has been books, what books to take, what books do I need?  There will be well-versed Heathens that will be able to offer me more than I them, yet there will also be others that wish to know some information that I can share.  Plus I need to consider my own journey and relaxing time too.

So I have devised a stack (yes, stack) that I think will be best suited to all round conversation.

I posted this on Instagram too 🙂

What do you think?  I also have a journal/notebook there that does have some of my own brain-matter in there.  Have I left out anything?  Should I leave out anything?  Do you want the reasons I chose those certain books?  Of course you do…

So let’s start from the bottom shall we… Mind you they are stacked in order of size (OCD included free of charge).

*N.B I do not get paid by any companies or authors I personally link to or review, but I am always open to the offer 😉

Dictionary of Northern Mythology – Rudolf Simek: I think this is an essential book to have on your shelf as it is a great ‘Dictionary’ for the exact purpose of any other dictionary.  If I am not sure of something or not sure if I am in the right area I grab this book for quick reference.  Definitely a travel companion.

A Practical Heathen’s Guide to Asatru – Patricia Lafayllve : Another essential must-have book for your shelf.  I live in this book and it is super affordable.  Patricia gets to the point and gives you the information you need as well as a plethora of references to further your own research.  Definitely a travel companion.

Down Among The Dead Men – Michelle Williams: This is for me, my relaxing read.  Michelle tells of her life in the Mortuary business and I am excited to read it.  I have always thought a Mortuary Technician would be a great job to have.  At least the dead have respect for the living (most of the time). Not up for debate.

Elen of the Ways & Tress of the Goddess – Elen Sentier: These two are for my own journey that I am on and studying.  I have recently been drawn to Elen of the Ways and only recently found out why.  I explain it here in a recent post and so am reading as much as I can on the Deer Trod path.  I do have Irish & Scottish ancestry so I intend to learn about it.  I bought Tress of the Goddess because I really enjoy Sentier’s writing style.  Not up for debate.

Asatru for Beginners – Erin Lale: Although this is a thin book (and currently over-priced in my opinion), it is still a great beginners book.  Many have negative comments to say about this book, but I feel this is coming from an academic view.  Lale writes in a very simplistic format that is easy to understand and I stand by my opinion of this being the essential starter for teens, it has some good starting off points and references.

Essential Asatru – Diana Paxon: This is another great beginner book for those just starting out and it was my first.  This is a great book for adults just beginning on their journey and is a great before jumping into Lafayllve’s Practical Guide.  It has a great structure and is easy to follow.  I would not be hungry for more information if I had not came across this book as it really gets you wanting to know more.

The Poetic Edda – Snorri Sturluson: My favourite translation is by Carolyne Larrington or Jackson Crawford but there are many different translations available to either buy or free online.  This is of course a staple in many Heathens library, I myself have about 6-7 translation either in paperback, kindle or pdf.  I always suggest that you should have at least 3 translations to get a good over-all understanding of the context of the poems within.  This is NOT, I repeat, this is NOT a bible or holy text that should be followed to the letter.  It is a collection of poems written by a Christian 200 years after the conversion of Iceland to Christianity.  Yes Snorri wanted to ensure the history remained intact but it is still written with his own bias.  As with anything written in historical or anthropological context, the authors own bias must be defined and then their work must be critically read.  Shoot me down… Haters will hate but my opinion is just that… MINE.  I do have Crawford’s Edda on Kindle (I want to get a paperback copy eventually) so Larrington’s is just for ease and not a necessity.

What is History? – E.H Carr: I am currently studying history and this is a required text.  Although my unit doesn’t start until February, I need to get a head start as I will be relocation just before the trimester starts.  Not up for debate.

Women Who Run With The Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD:  A staple in any woman’s library and not a cover-to-cover read but a turn to and digest style book.  I still have read little but you only have to read or listen to other people’s reviews of this book to know that you must buy it.  I wish I had a Kindle version as it is a thick book.  Not a necessity but a want.


Aleister Crowley’s Mirror of the Soul Tarot Deck, Stacey DeMarco’s Goddesses & Sirens and Gods & Titans Oracle Decks



I have decided not to take my laptop as I want to reduce the time spent on technology and have tossed up the idea of using periscope to upload some videos of our journey to the deep south (of Australia) haha.  I am still undecided on whether I am taking 2 or 3 tarot/oracle decks with me… that will be a personal decision.  I am still learning Tarot and Oracle so I need to bring at least 1 with me. My daughter also has her tarot that she is learning and her camera & tripod to pack.

I do have more books that I would love to take but I only have a little car, 2 kids, a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, an esky and, well we need clothes that must go in a suitcase…



So my crazies I will leave it there… I will let you offer sound advice as to which books to leave or to add to the stack.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of the day… Oh and yes I know the blog as changed designs… I am still not happy with it so there will be a few more changes to the style but I will find the perfect fit eventually.

Riding the Stag

I know it has been a while since I blogged but there is a perfectly good explanation for it.

It is called LIFE… Yes I do have one, sometimes, ok on the odd occasion.  Well a lot has been happening in my life right now including learning to research and write up Dark, New and Full Moon Rituals as well as Celtic Sabbat Rituals for my local Pagan Community.  It is a really great learning tool and I am finding connections all along the way.

SthWheelYearCeltic Wheel of the Year for the Southern Hemisphere via Spheres of Light

So far I have (with the help of another Pagan) written up a Dark/New Moon Imbolc Ritual that was 4 pages (940 words) long.  I have written up a 5 page (1640 word) document on the August 2016 Full Moon which also includes a Lunar Eclipse and Moon in Aquarius.  I have nearly completed a September 2016 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and also have started researching and writing up a document for Ostara that will include activities for kids too.


A lot of the information is aimed at the general Pagan denomination in the local community as there are so many diverse paths within the group we what to cater for most and the few should be able to swap in their personal deity with ease.

I have had some of my writing published in a community magazine which made me giggle and blush with pride.  I also hunted down some of my old poetry and another short story that I started many years ago but then let life get in the way (again).

The front door was open and there was a smell of men’s cologne.  It was not a cheap cologne either, but one that I will remember forever.

I walked through to the living area.  It was there that I saw a strange man.  He was tall, slim and unshaven.  I did not go near him.  I walked on towards the kitchen where my mother laid in a puddle of bright red blood.  She had been shot in the head, like the man in the living area.

I could not move and I could not cry.  I just stood there in disbelief, knowing that I would never hear my mother’s sweet, reassuring voice saying ‘I love you’ again.
– Donna Astill

I have been busily coming up with ideas for our community here in the Southern Hemisphere as well as being active in other groups also.  I try to keep my blog as neutral as possible as I see no need for politics within the Asatru/Odinist community at all and besides this blog is about my journey not anyone else’s.

I was unwell thanks to the sharing caring nature of those in my house.  Why do germs like to spread only one or two at a time… Why not just go wham bam thank you ma’am on the whole town in one shot… Give the health dept heads something to scratch their heads over….

What else have I been up to since I blogged last?  Oh yes that’s right I attended ‘An Evening with Spirit’ with Alison Burman Psychic Medium.  It was a wonderful night and a great experience.  I had never attended an event like that before and I found Alison to be genuine and real (no sparkles and glitter, just her).  She did have a message for me which I will actually keep to myself, but there was words that only myself and the person communicating through/with Alison would know and no-one else could ever even guess.


I did find that one person expressed during the interval that they did not believe Alison at all and it did irritate me as there was only limited tickets available and I know people who missed out.  Oh well there are always going to be sceptics that attend these events in the hope that they are convinced of something.

I attended an amazing friend’s birthday party, although as I was still recovering I opted to not celebrate with ethanol based beverages but stuck with water.  I revealed to mutual friends that I will be relocating at the beginning of 2017 but that is still a few months away yet.  I sat down and had a good conversation with a very new ex-anti-feminist who I had had a very heated debate with a few weeks earlier about feminism and the different levels of crazy some feminists can get.

The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians. – Pat Robertson


I found a new therapist because really we all should be seeing a therapist of some sort as we are all pretty crazy at the end of the day.  I am really happy with her, she gets me, she is not interested in finding a ‘quick fix’ but working through the actual problems I have.  It is hard to find the right fit when you have been looking for over 2 decades and don’t pretend you’re not crazy yourself… You read my crazy ramblings don’t you 😉

We’re not all Witches

I have attended three Meet & Greets for the local Pagan community in three separate locations around the region to meet some more of the community members which was great and I learnt a lot about other people’s beliefs and paths.  Remember the that not all ‘Witches are Pagan and not all Pagans are Witches’.  It was great to be able to get out of the house for the day and chat with like-minded people.


I know I sound like I don’t have time to stop and sleep, well I assure you I do and this morning was the first time in ages that I woke without feeling exhausted… How you ask?

Well, I had my very first Shamanic Journeying experience last night.  It was just an introduction class to help find your power animal but it was still an extraordinary experience.  I was fortunate that the other attendees failed to show so I had the Shaman all to myself to listen to and ask questions of.   It was a journey to the lower world to seek out my Power Animal.  It was a very personal journey and my animal was one that I never expected but it did make a huge amount of sense after thinking about the direction my spiritual path has been taking me on.

A3 Stag Drawing – bexyboo16 (Deviantart)

My animal is the Stag and the connection I had was truly one that I will not forget.  It was surreal and breathtaking, calm and exhilarating all at once. To communicate with such a majestic being in that circumstance was… I just have no words that can truly express what it was like.  I met some other animals on my journey but none that spoke to me in such a way that made my head spin (in a good way) and my heart pound like my life was just starting.  I am so grateful to Misha for giving me the opportunity to experience that journey with her and for the conversation and insights we discussed afterwards.


If you have not yet found your Power Animal or had a Shamanic Journeying experience I highly recommend you find yourself a Shamanic Practitioner that you feel comfortable with and give yourself that experience.  You will not regret it and it will change you forever.

Well my crazies, I think I have rambled enough for one night and this was only meant to be a catch-up post so that you all know I am still alive and it isn’t some random bot re-blogging posts on my behalf… I am alive, totally freaking alive, and living life one foot after the other.

The purpose of Knowledge is to create a doorway which leads to the Truth
Misha Hoo

Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse August 2016

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am a co-admin for my local Pagan community group and with that I have helped create some generalised information and ritual documents to help out those that may not be experienced or who may just need a little help with ideas on creating their own.

I have been given permission to share these mini essays.  I have found in helping create these little essays that I am also learning some valuable information that I would not normally have learnt had I not been give the role of co-admin.  For that I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to grow within myself and, like Odin, to gain knowledge from others.

“Letting it Go”

final-supermoon-of-celestial-tetrad-until-2018-on-sept-27-2015 copy

Full Moon

In times gone by our ancestors lived by the lunar calendar.  The differing phases of the moon were represented and celebrated in many ways. Whilst the new moon is introspective and for setting new goals and intentions, the full moon is bright, public and full of energy.  Emotions are new and unrefined and not yet rational.  The full moon is about getting ready to let go or removing the negative or the old.

The surge of emotional energy does not have to create an infantile reaction but can give us that energy needed to get us in to a healthy state of mind.  The full moon has us wanting validation and a penchant for expelling the unwanted energy out of our systems.

Even though the energy is raw and seems new, it is in fact the desire for change we have been biding our time for this entire lunar cycle and now is the time for action.  Beware that we may have a tendency to project our own state of restlessness or frustrations onto others.  We are highly emotional and need to avoid the blame game.

Whilst many pagans see the moon as feminine and in tune with menstrual cycles, others see the moon from a masculine aspect.  The Inuit God Alginak is God of both moon and weather controlling the tides, earthquakes and eclipses which is perfect for this current full moon.  Thoth, the Egyptian God was known for Magic and Wisdom, with the full moon being a good time for nourishing both.

As the moon enters this next stage it has grown from the maiden/warrior stage to mother/father and is lush, ripe and full of power.  We have now gained all we can from the moon for this cycle and it is time to prepare for the waning, the letting go and getting ready for the Crone/Sage phase.

The full moon is time to give thanks for the dreams and wishes manifested from the last cycle, to feast and bask in the radiant light and to meditate on the power within us all.  Energy is concentrated and contained so may be consciously drawn within or directed towards a specific goal such as healing or increasing self-confidence.

Full Moon in Aquarius

First some titbits about the Aquarius Full moon at 7:26pm AEST:

  • Element: Air fixed ruled by Saturn and Uranus (which is in retrograde)
  • Plant part: flower
  • Nutrient: fat
  • Temperament: Sanguine
  • Body part/Organ system: skin, venous system, shins, ankles
  • Metal: Lead, Uranium
  • Flavours: Brackish Quality
  • Polarity: Dry + (positive)
  • 11th house of affairs
  • Colours: indigo, pinks dark colours streaked and mixed.

Associated with individuality, reasoning, wisdom, inventions, and technological pursuits, social welfare, organisations, astrology, friendly help and good advice.

Health issues often relate to fluids of the body and craving salt to recharge electrolytes. Good sea salt and celery are effective along with juniper to assist in hormonal fluid balance.

  • Avoid operations and vaccinations
  • Excellent day to charge crystals
  • Wishes for the greater good and betterment of society and for your own dreams and creativity
  • Saturn has just gone direct after a long period of retrograde, as such, there is greater focus on perseverance to accomplishing your objectives.

This full moon will bring out your self-assured rebellious nature.  Those touched by this month’s full moon energy won’t care a damn about conforming to the norms of society.  It is a time for personal freedoms and revolutions, yet we will still be dealt some challenges.  You may provoke criticism and envy from those stuck in the conformity of today’s society.

August Lunar Eclipse

You may find yourself very touchy, highly strung and ‘electric’.  This lunar eclipse may give off a cool deceptive demeanour, however, this Aquarius full moon lunar eclipse, will find you like a light switch and your temperament will change with a flick.

August 18th is when the moon will be full and this particular one has been named the Sturgeon Moon.   Lunar eclipses always take place during full moons and when the sun, Earth, and moon are all aligned in a straight, even line. Since this eclipse is considered penumbral rather than total or partial, the moon is expected to enter Earth’s shadow only slightly, therefore it won’t be ultra-visible.

Some of us will crave extra love, support, and attention, especially the mothering type that is more nurturing and encouraging overall.  You may also find that you become over-protective and smothering with a temptation to push ideals onto those younger (both in age and knowledge) so be pre-warned.

Ordinarily a lunar eclipse’s effects last around 3 months but this eclipse will be only small as it is not a complete full moon when the eclipse hits.  This is just a small taste of what is to come next month with another full moon lunar eclipse on the full.  On a personal level this eclipse could bring about a crisis of faith, a sudden conversions or an abandonment of faith, especially if the astrological aspects fall into your personal chart

Full Moon Magic/k

The Full Moon’s powerful lunar energies are often seen as ‘all-purpose’ for magic/k.  Its energies are prismatic and flows into all aspects of our needs, both constructive and destructive.  It is now that you should utilise that extra power when you are faced with difficult changes.  No minor mundane tasks should be wasted on the full moon energy.  Use it instead as a major power boost for important matters.

Matters such as legal issues or finding a new job and magic & mediation that revolves around spiritual, divination, dreaming and psychic development are best using the power of the full moon.  The energy given off by the moon at this time is also good for cleansing, whether it be crystals, rocks, herbs, divination tools or anything else that you seek to cleanse or release from negativity.

Moon Water

Moon water created from leaving overnight a jar of water in the rays of the full moon can be used to strengthen spells and give energy boosts when used to water your garden.  Add a crystal of your choice to give your moon water extra properties.


Harvesting your garden during a full moon can also imbue added energy and magic into your harvest, although planting is not advised on the full moon.  The full moon is just as mysterious as it is bright and large.  It is a time to amplify your creativity.


For your altar you could represent the Full Moon with whites, silvers and blues.  Add these colours however you feel suits you best, whether it be a blue altar cloth with white and silver candles, the choice is yours.  Include your divine god/dess statue/s or your elemental representations, a picture of the full moon, a bowl of water and maybe some shells or riverstones.

Maybe some crescent moon cookies. And some white or 5-petal flowers and some sandalwood and frankincense incense. Your heart and your instincts will guide you to what to add.  Consumption of lemonade, milk or white wine while eating your crescent moon cookies.

Full Moon Incense

  • 2 parts sandalwood
  • 2 parts frankincense
  • ½ part rose petals
  • few drops of ambergris oil


Moon Bath

  1. Sit, stand, or lay out in the light of the full moon (clothing is optional)
  2. You can chant the words below as you feel the moonlight washing over you and through your body.

Hail fair moon,
Ruler of the night,
Guard me and mine,
Until the light.

  1. Remember the sun is in direct opposition to the moon at this time so sense this equality that you are standing between.
  2. Try to let go of what others perceive about the moon, let the moonrays was the preconceptions off your body and out of your mind, so you can hear what it has to say to you and what it has to show you.
  3. Listen to the moon, be full of expectancy without expectations.

Poems & Chants

Following are two poems you can recite whilst taking in the moonlight.  The first is for letting go and the second is one that I have adapted for Australia and would be a great one for the kids to say.

Letting Go – Rayne Storm

What do you wish and don’t holdout?
What do you want, without a doubt?
Make the pledge to work real hard.
Always smile without the slightest hint of disregard.
Believe in your goal, have patience, it will unfold.
Set your mind on what the future will hold.

And now for the hardest part, you must let it go,
Like the seed that in the wind does blow,
Let the seeds of magick grow,
Allowing the spiritual energy to do the rest,
Because that is what it does best.

Full Moon Magick – Rayne Storm

(adapted by Donna Astill for Australia)

As the Cockatoos screech with glee,
And the Bats gather in the tops of trees,

The Foxes have already begun their tricksting play,
Because the Possums thought there was a parade,

The Fireflies flickered and flashed in array,
Even the Wallabies couldn’t be kept away,

All the while the Dingoes sang a howling tune,
For the Pagans were dancing beneath the Full Moon.

We hope this helps give you some information to prepare your own Full Moon rituals.

Many Blessings and Much Prosperity for the full moon.
Created with Love by Admin 2016


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Do you read?

Well ahh da… You are reading this blog right now but that is not what I want to know.  I want to know WHO you read.  Do you choose your books by author or do you choose books by genre or by topic?

I have a few authors that I read for either their style or genre, and I have some favourites just because I like the actual ongoing story.  I must admit that the last few years I have stalled considerably in my fiction reading.  I mean I haven’t read a fiction novel in 3 years…

Thbook-32e first author I want to discuss is Giles Kristian and his Raven Series.  I have been stuck on Chapter Eleven of Odin’s Wolves for 3 years… Yes 3… Life, study, study and life.  But this morning I picked it up again and have finally finished Chapter Eleven.  Then I stopped to write a blog post about it…

I first came across Giles Kristian’s books at a book store that had Sons of Thunder on the clearance table and when I liked what I read on the back cover, and noticed it was Book Two of a series, I asked the store clerk if they had the first book.  When they said they didn’t I went home to my favourite online bookstore The Book Depository (this is not a sponsored post by the way) and searched for the author.  I am in love with Raven and have enjoyed going on his adventure.  Kristian has captured my heart with his Raven series.  You can find Giles Kristian on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (not that I stalk him… much).

eyeofthedragonThe second author, and the first to ever capture my heart within the fantasy genre was none other than our most famous horror fiction writer Stephen King.  I have read only a few (maybe two) of Stephen King’s horrors, Christine was the first horror I read and only because I wanted to know what his other books were like.I remember being on a family driving holiday, and on our way home from our trip we stopped in to a family friend’s farm-house.  They were away on holiday but it had been pre-arranged for us to stop there on our travels.  Their farm house was more of a cottage, at the base of the Snowy Mountains (in Australia) and had a little creek running a few hundred metres from the house.



Only thing missing was fuel for the generator so we had no electricity, although we had a fireplace, a wood stove (for hot water & cooking) and plenty of candles.  So I scoured the book-case and found a book that looked interesting from the title; The Eyes of the Dragon by Steven King.  At this stage I had absolutely no idea who King was, I was only 13 or 14 at the time.  This book was amazing to me back then and I have loved the Fantasy genre ever since.  The Talisman was another King (Stephen King & Peter Straub) novel that I absolutely enjoyed also.





The first ever complete series that I read that was The Myst Reader by Robin & Rand Miller.  This is a book that tells the story behind the P.C game Myst created by the Miller brothers.  I have mentioned in a previous post that I am a Myst fan, and I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy.  I remember about 16 years ago I actually had the first book in hardcover but I leant it to a friend and since lost it and that is when I came across the Myst reader, all three in one, and loved it so much I read it again.

Myst is not for everyone and the books certainly does not follow a strict timeline, jumping between present and past.




My heart has also been captured by the story of Taita in the Egyptian Series by Wilbur Smith.  I first came across this series through the third book (which I was unaware of) Warlock.  I had been given a box of books from my uncle & aunt that they no longer wanted and in there I found this big hardcover book and the purple sleeve is what caught my attention first.  I read the first page and was captivated immediately.  Only after finishing the book did I look and see that it was in fact the third in the series.  I have since gone on to read River God, The Seventh Scroll and half of The Quest.  I am keen to rekindle my relationship with Taita in the near future and I recommend you give the old Warlock a chance too.




The second series I actually completed took me 7 years to complete due to the publishing dates.  It started with a movie Eragon and then the book (I know back to front… I plan on reading the Game of Throne series after the show ends also).

The book captivated me, the movie not as much and after reading, I was extremely disappointed with how the portrayed the characters in the movie.  It is probably the only time I am looking forward to a remake.

Anyway, the first book Eragon was fantastic considering the author, Christopher Paolini, was 15 when he wrote it.  I was lucky that the next book was only, yes only another 12 months away from publication.  Eldest is the second in the Inheritance Series and is the smoothest transition.  The books are written as one long adventure, just separated at the right time as to not take away from the momentum of the story.  The following book in the Inheritance Series is Brisngr, which if you watched the movie you would know means ‘Fire’ (more information and artwork can be found out the Alagaesia website).


The final instalment was another 3 year wait and titled Inheritance.  It was a sad day when I closed the final book.  There is so much more that Paolini can add to the story.  There are rumours of a fifth book but until I see the beginnings of the manuscript I am not getting my hopes up. Paolini himself has said that he will one day write more but he can not say when this will be.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQuyJMjtWGk

Well I think I need to get back to Raven and let you all do some book shopping so until next time my crazies I will leave you with some wise words from Raven…

‘Give them your spears!’ (Odin’s Wolves – Giles Kristian).