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I would love to know how many of you are on Instagram and if you have been following my #DailyVoluspa posts.  I have also been sharing these to my Facebook page so that you don’t miss out either.  I thought it was time the Voluspa got its own #DailyHashtag like the #Havamal does.

I am a part of a Heathen Women’s group on Facebook, and in there we study all aspects of our path.  We recently did a Voluspa study session over a few weeks discussing each stanza and what it means to us and our paths.

I missed a few days so to make up for it (to myself) I wrote out by hand, each stanza on its own page in a little booklet I have.  I am in the process of writing out the Havamal in it too.  It is a little notebook so I am not sure how many of the poems I will get in there.  I favour the Carolyne Larrington translation personally but there are quite a few out there to choose from.  I favour The Book Depository as my goto book supplier (not sponsored), they ship worldwide for free no matter the price you pay for the book.  Living in Australia, postage is a major factor when purchasing anything.  I have gotten to the checkout at online stores only to find that the postage to Australia is more than the items cost.


Well I have recently been going through a shift in my path, don’t worry, I am not leaving my path, I am just taking a more, scenic route, you could say.  Through this shift, I have decided to start sharing the handwritten pages.  Some have notes, some don’t, but that was the point of each Stanza having its own page.  So I could take notes each time I read it through.

Anyhoo, I just thought I would let you in on some of my other Social Media adventures so that you don’t miss out.  I do share all of the #DailyVoluspa posts on my Facebook page so you can find them if you just search for the #Hashtag.

Well for now my Crazies I shall leave you all in pieces and get on with the rest of my day xx.


Explain your intentions…

Well it turns out you do need to explain yourself to the universe…

My 2017 words of intention were Disconnect & Expand. Simple enough right? Wrong!

I meant Disconnect from social media not people & I meant Expand my knowledge not my body!

You really do need to explain things so the universe doesn’t twist your words.

This time I wrote a list explaining what my intentions were, in detail.

Please remember there is a difference between resolutions & intentions. Resolutions have an end, Intentions leave room for you to outshine your goals.

I know 2018 will be another rollercoaster year for most but this time you will have more control.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR my Crazies form your one & only, Southern Cross Heathen xxx

Beltane/Walpurgis/May Day

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am a co-admin for my local Pagan community group and with that I have helped create some generalised information and ritual documents to help out those that may not be experienced or who may just need a little help with ideas on creating their own.

I have been given permission to share these mini essays.  I have found in helping create these little essays that I am also learning some valuable information that I would not normally have learnt had I not been given the role of co-admin.  For that I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to grow within myself and, like Odin, to gain knowledge from others.

“Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire” ~ Metallica

May Day? But it’s October you say.  May Day comes from the celebration being held on 1st May in the Northern Hemisphere.  There are some in the Southern Hemisphere that refer to the celebration as November Day. 14101882_10153891743846395_1060310016_n

You may have seen all the references and pretties on the internet for Samhain/Halloween and that is because in the northern hemisphere they are in Autumn.  Beltane is a Spring festival.  November is the final month of spring and summer is creeping around the corner, although here in the tropics, we have already begun feeling the humidity rise (or was that just the heat from our recent Supermoon in Aries).  The days now will become more humid, the summer rains are nearly upon us, in the southern states daylight savings has commenced as has the dry and dusty heat.

Although the seasons are mirrored to those in the north, Beltane is still a highly charged, spiritual event.  The veil thins just as it does during Samhain with some saying that the thinning is even more prominent at this time.  This will be totally up to you whether you feel one is more spiritual than the other.

Winter has definitely left us by now and we have new life all around us.  Ostara brought with her the new buds and Beltane brings the lush full foliage of nature.  Where Samhain is focused around letting go of the past, death & crossing over, Beltane is about life, love, living & rebirth.  Siebog & Ziva (Slavic) are often honoured at this time during Handfasting festivals.  Handfasting is very popular this time of year as love & marriage are in the air, the Gods & Goddesses are doing it so why don’t we.  It is said that babies born from a Beltane union hold very special powers.  Although some prefer to keep May Day exclusively for the handfasting of the God & Goddess only, seeing it as a sacred act reserved for the sacred unions of Kings & Queens.

Beltane translates to ‘bright fire’ and fire is used not just as a celebration tool but as a sacred element in the May Day ritual.  Fire was honoured for its part in the survival of the darkest period of the year.  Sorry for those that thought Aries leaving was going to cool things down again.  Baelfires were lit with a wide walkway between them and cattle were herded through to cleanse them and bring good fortune for the coming seasons.

Found on Pinterest

Jumping the fire (a small one obviously) is another one of the many ritual activities preformed during the festivities, as is CONSENSUAL sex.  Come on, love, marriage than consummating the marriage with sex.  Although plain simple courtship was also another celebrated rite of passage for those too young to marry.

Walpurgisnacht (German), Hexxennacht (Dutch) can be translated to Witch’s Night and was a celebration held atop a high mountain in Germany.  May Day is celebrated in a variety of countries, all with their own history behind the day (northern hemisphere).

The Warrior God, in his masculine form has now reached his sexual peak and is ready to become the father and spread his fertility across the lands.  The Goddess is now entering her Mother phase and together they spend this time frolicking happily until the seed is planted.  When two become one.

List of just some of the fertility/love Gods:

Freyr, Odin, Cernunnos, Siebog, Heryshaf, Min, Aramazd, Ba’al, Fufluns, Äkräs, Aphroditus, Dionysus, Eros, Phanes, Priapus (the Greeks apparently couldn’t get enough of the fertility gods), Phallic Saints, Lono, Chandra, Wollunqua, Gedi, Innus.

List of just some of the fertility/love Goddesses:

Asase Ya, Ala, Heget, Isis, Renenutet, Tawaret, Allāt, Anahit, Tanit, Sowathara, Brigid, Damara, Damona, Turan, Rauni, Nerthus, Freyja, Frigga, Sif, Sjöfn, Gefjon, Lofn, Parvati, Aphrodite, Artemis, Cybele, Demeter, Gaia, Hera, Anjea, Akna, Ceres, Feronia, Bona Dea, Juno, Terra, Venus.

I also came across a few Roman deities whose sole act is to consummate the marriage between the bride and groom.

  • Prema, goddess who holds the bride down on the bed
  • Subigus, the god who subdues the bride to the husband’s will
  • Pertuda, goddess who enables penetration
  • Domidicus, the god who leads the bride home
  • Domitius, the god who installs the bride
  • Jugatinus, the god who joins the pair in marriage
  • Virginiensis, the goddess who unties the girdle of the bride
  • Manturna, the goddess who kept the bride at home.

Ok, enough of the name dropping.  May Poles are a symbol of the Gods manhood and the flowers represent the Goddess. Apple and pear blossoms make great circlets for the young women to adorn their heads.  Flowers from the Hawthorn bush were hung about doorways and windows to ward off evil for the season.

Many Pagans, in ancient times, left votive offerings at pools, wells, fountains and springs.  Commune with the spirit that resides in the water, leave a coin or flower in exchange for some water.  You could also say something like:

“With grateful thanks I leave this gift;

For the Guardian of the Well (or spring etc),

For the water I have taken,

May it aid me in my sacred rite.”

N.B: I am sorry, but I found this a while ago and have no idea where, so I am unable to give credit to the author.

wattleHere, November is a month to enjoy blossoms, they are in abundance (my streets are lined with yellow wattle blossoms right now).  Escape to the cool rainforests that surround us and look out for some landwights, brownies or faeries.  Dance at every chance you can and celebrate the new life that is around you. Live, love and immerse yourself in the now. Remember that you will probably still feel the energy from the previous full moon in Aries and we have another supermoon in November.  Recharge as often as you can.  Spend time at a local creek, or at the beach, ground yourself in preparation for the coming months.


* Beltane is a Fire Festival and we live in Australia at a period when bushfires can occur.  Please be responsible in any fire use.

Remember that you are the Priestess/Priest/Gothi/Gythia of your own rituals.  You create them how YOU feel they should go.  There is no right or wrong way to follow YOUR path, only what feels right or not-so-right.  It is fun to gather together with a few other like-minded souls and recreate the tradition of the God & Goddess, but never do anything that you feel uncomfortable with.  Remember that it must always be CONSENSUAL and if you do engage in consensual sex, make sure you practice safe sex.

This will be my final write-up for the Pagan Spiral as I am relocating to Victoria in early January and will be unable to get Litha out for you.  Over the last 6 months, the admins, have ensured that each piece that we wrote contained as many references as possible, even some that we did not end up using.  I suggest that you go through the lists and research for your own history and ritual for Litha.  Your path is all about you growing and learning, so please do not hold yourself back.

Many blessings and much prosperity for the coming season.



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Road Trip 2016 – Day 1

Hello my Crazies, I have missed you all… I know I promised this earlier but so much has happened since I have been away and since getting back… the latter I will discuss in a new post.

So a vacation was desperately needed by all and a vacation was had.

Neon Magnesium Photography ©

We had a fabulous time away, we listened to some great podcasts, took some amazing photos of some of the amazing scenery we saw, spent way too much money, took some periscope videos, we loved, lost, learnt life lessons & grew all in the space of 4 weeks.


I want to give a huge shout out to my daughter for all the amazing photography she did for herself and for me.  The majority of photos displayed throughout the ‘Road Trip 2016’ blog series were photographed by her.  You can find more of her awesome photography on Instagram, just search for @neonmagnesiumphotography.


Plus an esky and pillows were added.

Day 0 


This was spent fuelling up, checking over the car etc, making sure we had drinks & nibbles and then packing my little Ford Fiesta Ambient to the hilt.  Making sure that there was enough room for one of my babes to still have room to relax in the backseat.  (The twins took turns of who sat in the front day 1 & who sat in the front day 2, it was all very amicable really).

It was an early night as we were planning for a 4am start so that we good beat most of the heat from the Queensland weather.

Day 1: Cairns – Injune (QLD)

Day 1: Cairns – Cardwell – Belyando Crossing – Rolleston – Injune

Awake by 3am and a cuppa made, twins up at 3:30am and toilet stops done. Hugs to my eldest who was staying behind (she had been on 2 big holidays the year before and agreed that it was my turn, after 4 years, to have a holiday), and we loaded ourselves into the car.  I had so many plans for this holiday, things that I wanted to accomplish and people I wanted to see/meet, but most of it failed to eventuate due to unforeseen circumstances.  Nonetheless we were off on what was a horribly rainy morning.


Myths and Legends

It was slow, dark and wet.  Our first stop was Cardwell service station for toilet stop and a mini breakfast stop.  We had been listening to the Myths & Legends podcast (which you can find on iTunes and Podbean) and the kids loved the stories.  It was a great way to keep them entertained and a great way to educate them on real fairy tales and the history behind some of them, including the creature of the week.


The morning began to clear once we left Townsville and headed to Charters Towers.  The road from Charters Towers to Clermont is a 376km fairly straight red bitumen road with a lot of crests.  I did manage to pull over just at the start of the highway so my daughter could take some photos and so I could do my first ever Periscope.

Gregory Highway looking south.
A driveway to one of the many stations along the Gregory Hwy
A low shot of the bitumen.
Definitely no more rain for the day

We drove on to Belyando Crossing which is roughly the middle point of this long stretch of highway.  It is nothing more than a service station and cafe really but has always had friendly staff from as long back as I can remember.  My first ever stop here was in September 1997 when I first relocated to Cairns and my car at the time only had enough fuel to travel 300km at a stretch so was a definite stop.  The kids and I decided we needed to stretch our legs and it was close enough to lunch time so we also grabbed a bite to eat.


We took in the surroundings, which really was not much to be honest, ate our lunch, said goodbye to the gorgeous local labrador and the many crows that were out and about and got back on our way.



Unfortunately there is not reception out along most of the Gregory Hwy so I was unable to upload anything or record another Periscope so it was then that I decided today was about photos and enjoying the Australian landscape.  We really do live in such an amazingly beautiful and diverse country.

We continued on our way and decided to head to Roma… Well that was the plan right?  The universe had other ideas.  We had a lovely drive during the day, stopping at Emerald for fuel and continuing on.  We took a wrong turn near Rolleston but quickly turned around and only lost 10 minutes out of our time.

But… We hit Rolleston just before dusk and there was no traffic on the roads… not even a truck… This concerned me a little as we were heading into Kangaroo country (the whole country is Kangaroo Country but dawn & dusk are the worst times to be driving with the buggars).  Without a truck in front we were at risk of hitting a roo and damaging not only it but my little car too.  We decided to take it easy.  Matters were made worse by the local cattle on the side of the unfenced roads that were grazing along the sides.

We had driven maybe 120km when what do you know… A roo… I saw it in time to stop… it stopped… I waited… it waited… I decided to drive… it decided to jump and… bumpidy bump bump… We had gone over the top of it… I looked in my rearview mirror and there was no roo so I am sure I only just stunned it… I was only going about 10km/hr.

I had been given a warning back in July by Alison Burman, Psychic Medium, (you read about that here) that she could see a car accident and a kangaroo in my path… Well I was hoping that was it.  Anyways, we drove slowly up the road a little further and found a parking bay.  We pulled over and I assessed any damage… Nope, nothing, phew (I post more on this in another Periscope but I will tell you about that on Day 2).  There was a truck driver checking his rig and he came over to ask if we needed help.  I explained the situation and he said that it was a quiet night on the roads and that Roma was going to be pushing it with all the wildlife on the roads.

Best Western Injune QLD

I said thanks and decided that we would get to Injune, it was only another 50+km up the road.  So we headed off slowly… very slowly off to Injune.  We got to Injune about 7ish that night.  We stopped into the first motel we saw and hoped they had a room.  They did and even upgraded us to a Family for no extra cost.  I ordered some dinner (which they also doubled for no extra cost)… Very grateful, fed, showered and tired, my son in bed alseep, my daughter and I watched the final episode of Winners & Losers then off to bed we went too.


Okay my Crazies, that was Day 1 of our trip… I will post Day 2 tomorrow…